Animal care is more than just the providing of food, water, and toys to pets. It also includes sanitation, breeding, health care, right nutrition, overall environment, and knowledge of the pets' health status. Pets also require lots of love and attention. It is akin to taking care of children. Animals such as dogs need to be walked and the pet lovers need to commit to the daily routine.

Favourite pets in Singapore are usually the smaller animals such as rabbits, birds, hamsters, dogs and cats. Indeed, there are many breeds of dogs and their puppies can be sold at very high prices. In overseas where land is in abundance, it is common to see men having horses, ponies and even big reptiles as pets!

Some pet owners offer home cooked food for their best friends, while many buy the conveniently packed dried food that can be bought from supermarkets like NTUC or even Redmart. Some pet food claimed to be made from secret recipes comprising just the 'right mix' of nutrients for the pets. Many claimed that the pets have their own versions of food pyramid that must be religiously followed to achieve the best health.

Due to the huge amount of time and attention needed, there are many cases where pets are being abused or abandoned like trash. Many were found in pathetic state by others and brought to SPCA, hopefully to be adopted by kinder owners who are more sensitve to the pets' welfare.

Fitness and nutrition for animals can be consulted with a licensed veterinarian to handle your pet’s fitness, weight loss and healthy food intake. Some innovative businesses also provide health insurance and dental insurance for their much-loved pets!

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