The age-old art and science of bread making is still practised by many food service establishments in the world. Among popular bread varieties are ciabatta, scones, waffle, buns, croissants, bagel, baguette, naan, and brioche. Pizza is also made with bread, and cookies are considered as dessert. Pasta and risotto is a good pairing to bread recipes, as well as tortilla. Bread types include wholemeal bread, grain, and wheat (made from wheat flour). Because bread is a great source for carbohydrates, having a fruits basket on the side is a good idea to have. If you’re looking for a bakery that perfectly executes bread recipes, waffle recipe, or scone recipe, you can check out Paris Baguette Singapore or Marche Singapore. New bakery schools as as ABC Cooking Studio has set up shop in Takashimaya.

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