In Singapore, Chinese cuisine is a staple in the scene. Chinese love buns, rice and noodles. Singapore population or population of Singapore is relatively small compared to other Asia countries (it has roughly five million) but the Singapore food in Singapore restaurants does not fall short in taste. In fact, one of the best asset in Singapore tourism is the diversely unique food. Since the Chinese form 75% of the population, the food scene here is understandably dominated by Chinese food. In recent years, in addition to the the long-serving Singapore Hokkien, Teochew, Hainanese or Cantonese food, many new dishes originated from some parts of China like Fujian, Guangzhou, Gingdao, Hunan, Hangzhou, Jiangsu, Shandong, Szechuan, Sichuan, Qingdao, Zhejiang and Xinjiang have arrived in Singapore. Mongolian stir-fry horse meat also tickle the Singaporean, Indonesian, and Malaysian taste buds. China, being an Asian country, is home to world favourites including dim sum, buns, and dumplings. Porridge and xiao long bao are also popular in neighbouring countries such as Hong Kong. The food in China is so delicious that Cantonese songs (with the help of a Cantonese translator) have been written about it. Due to Ministry of Manpower (MOM) foreign labour policy that opens doors to mainland Chinese to work in Singapore, Chinese restaurants offering authentic Chinese food using original Chinese food recipes can be found.

Apart from the delicious Chinese food, there are other interesting sights to tempt you to linger in Singapore, such as the Buddha Relic Temple in Chinatown where meditation for the Dalai Lama are interesting sights. Singapore may be the most expensive city in the world, but there are hotels in Singapore or cheap hotels in Singapore offering bargain deals, especially if one searches travel websites such as Trivago, TripAdvisor, Expedia, or It is worthwhile to spend a week in Singapore due to its rich history from Sang Nila Utama, to Sir Stamford Raffles to the time Singapore gained independence from Malaysia in 1963, and of course savour all the delicious chicken rice, fried Hokkien noodles, wanton noodles and Bak Kut Teh in Singapore.

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