Desserts and pastries are deemed ‘sinful’ in a healthy eaters dictionary, but it doesn’t mean that they are bad for the health. Pastries like croissants, choux pastry, profiteroles, tarts, quiches, doughnuts, akes, and biscuit pastry are just among the all-time favorites. Gelatin, ice creams, chocolates, custards, donuts, apple pies, and creme brulee, chocolate fondue, rum cake, mousse, alcoholic dessert, gelato, macaroons, cupcakes, cup cakes, fondant, jellies, truffles, danish, cake, apple pie, candles, pop tarts, and fruit tart come close second. Baking a treat using a quiche recipe can also be good alternatives for a birthday cake for dessert. Donuts made from a good donut recipe can be found at The Patissier along Sultan Road. When baking cookies, you will need a cookie clicker especially if you are whipping up a batch of chocolate chip cookies from one of the cookie recipes you saw in baking books. An ice cream cake from an ice cream maker is currently picking up popularity. Some bread pudding can also be consumed by those who are on a low carb diet, unlike Yorkshire pudding, truffle, chocolate, sugar treats, maple syrup, and dark chocolate that are more on for those who wish to pack on the pounds. A frozen egg tart recipe made from chocolate cake recipe can produce a fondant cake that is shaped like a jellyfish, which also goes well with truffle butter and truffle oil.

Many bakeries have fused dessert with bread and cakes, with Breadtalk being the pioneer in Singapore.

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