In Italy, aperitivo means drinks, while apéritifs and digestifs typically mean alcoholic drinks . These delicious drinks are best partnered with their equally delectable Italian food like risotto, pizza, pasta, gnocchi, lasagna, calzone, bolognese, carbonara, pesto, biscotti, gelato, tiramisu, cannoli, bruschetta, prosciutto, salami, mozzarella, parmesan that would make any Italy time worthwhile. Notable and sophisticated Italians in fine clothing of Calvin Klein, Versace and Dolce and Gabbana are often seen enjoying fine Italian dining in fine italian restaurants. While you are in this country, make sure you try out arancini, risograph, the authentic tiramisu recipe, scones and their risotto recipe. In Singapore, Domino's Pizza with their Domino’s delivery is widely popular. Their pasta recipes, spaghetti recipe, lasagna, pesto sauce, pesto pasta recipe, and fettuccine are all on point. Check out their cookies also, like chocolate chip cookies. For a twist, make you own guacamole or parma ham. Restaurants that offer Chinese food and Italian restaurants offering Mexican food are always the interesting ones.

Singapore has many excellent Italian restaurants. Tripadvisor lists the top 5 best Italian restaurants in Singapore as Fratini La Trattoria, Wine Connection Bistro at HillV2, Basilico, Ristorante Amarone and Capricci.

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