Japanese food mostly consists of eel, ramen, sushi, and cute bento boxes cooked using bento recipes. If you’re visiting the Land of the Rising Sun, make sure you try out their popular donburi, miso, sashimi, kaiseki and soba. Pairing the Japanese food with wasabi and washing it down with a shot or two of sake are enjoyable experiences. Other must-try dishes in Japan also include teppanyaki, chicken or pork tonkatsu, Japanese curry and sukiyaki. Yakitori can also be found in any Japanese buffet, as well as sushi over at the sushi bar or sushi buffet. Fish is one of the staple ingredients in Japan, and shark food varieties are found in Hokkaido. Ramen in Santouka Singapore is worth trying. Other popular Japanese fast food joints like Sushi Express, Genki Sushi, Ichiban Sushi (sushi delivery available). Many Japanese restaurants are decorated with Yuri Manga, or the traditional geisha or samurai figures. For office workers, it’s best to have lunch at one of these restaurants and have some authentic oyakodon. Tofu goes well with a real miso soup recipe, coupled with maki, omakase, plum, dashi (in dashi stock), bonito flakes. If you your kids are fans of Doraemon the anime, watch out for the episode where they order Sakae Sushi delivery with sake sushi. Taste the best of Sakura by looking for a good tonkatsu Singapore that offer spicy curries or concocts the perfect Japanese curry recipe with curry leaves.

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