A number of cuisines well known at a global scale are of African, Bengal, Caribbean, European, American, Latin American, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern origins. The fusion of flavours in dishes like casserole and kebab puts these regions in the world map. Feeling a bit sleepy? Try a cup of americano that smoothly cruises down your throat like a cool Caribbean cruise in the Caribbean islands. Those who are in the Asian countries can take Vietnam Airlines so they can traipse around South Africa on a food trail. Try out European country food while chatting with collloquial Europeans and Caucasians. Within a region, new food is invented as cross-country influences take place, just like how Spanish influences have changed Mediterranean food. Found yourself in the middle of Fiji Islands? The local food boasts of authentic chicken recipes and delicious food like the beef stew recipe.

Malaysia and Indonesia are Singapore's closing neighbours, and their food have created Chinese fusion food in Singapore. With the variety of food found in Singapore, combined with a myriad of cooking methods such as grilling, baking, steaming, shallow frying or deep frying, it is no wonder that Singapore is called a food paradise. Combine food with the king of fruits, the durian, the choices are endless.

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