Healing therapy (more known as massages) is a physical intervention and treatment for the betterment of the body. Physiotherapy is an alternative variation for a therapist to use as on of their remedies for bodily pains. Natural body treatments like acupressure, aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Chinese medicine (also called TCM) and chiropractic sessions help cure common ailments. Homeopathy or homeopathic massage uses herbs as a vital ingredient. Meditation (or in science terms, osteopath) is another variation of reflexology, tai chi, pastoral counseling, psychotherapy, stone, and hypnosis all deal with mental wellness.

Most spas offer ear candling as a remedy or cure to remove unwanted toxins. According to user interview, high blood pressure can be lowered by visiting your local chiropractor to check if there is existing sciatica. Hyflux recently introduced water spa using their famous elo water as a treatment to oxygenate the skin. In another study, music is an instrumental tool to combat depression and anxiety that sometimes counseling or group therapy with a psychologist or counselor during psychotherapy sessions cannot overcome. You can also try pure yoga and be flexible with all those yoga poses. Engaging in aerobic activities is also useful, especially if you’re more inclined to extreme sports. History exhibits in the Natural History Museum can back those claims. Like any other type of massage, reflexology uses special oil or essential oils and puts inside an aromatherapy diffuser to make the session a more comfortable one. Semi-serious ailments like slipped disc, headache, lower back pain and having supplements of proper nutrition and vitamin to prevent constipation can actually prevent other health concerns. Foot reflexology also sends a message nerves as a form of good therapy like meditation music. Physiotherapy eases neck pain and osteopath concerns. The healing touch of a masseuse or psychiatrist is like applying perfect wushu and chakra to the patient.

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