Typically matched between two teams with eleven players each, cricket is played in a rectangular pitch with a wicket, and a set of three wooden stumps sited at each end. One team, designated the batting team, attempts to score as many runs as possible, while their opponents catch the ball. The winner is declared when a team scores the most runs, including any extras gained, during their period batting.

The top cricketers of all time include WG Grace, Walter Read, George Ulyett, Alfred Shaw and Bobby Abel, with skills varying from run-scorers, wicket takers and catches.

Cricket in Singapore is a recognised recreational sport since Singapore Cricket Club’s (SCC Singapore) founding in 1852. Touted as one of the second largest sports club in the country, this cricket club has long been housed at the Turf Club - the city’s old colonial heart, an iconic place that has witnessed many of Singapore’s triumphs and defeats, and upheavals.

To further support cricket-playing in the Little Red Dot, the Singapore Cricket Association (SCA Singapore) also helps raise the standard of cricket whilst instilling games’ traditional values and ensuring that cricket is played in the true spirit of the game.

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