Historically used as a weapon during warfare, darts is a throwing game which dart pins (also called missile) are thrown at a circular dartboard usually fixed on a wall. The aim of the game is to throw missiles to specific ‘high score’ areas of the board until the player with the highest points, win. Often, veteran players would target the bullseye (circle in the middle of the board) because it fetches the most points in one throw.

The British Darts Organisation (BDO) and the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) both organise a World Professional Championship. They are held annually over the Christmas/New Year period, with the PDC championship finishing slightly earlier than the BDO tournament. The BDO World Championship has been running since 1978; the PDC World Championship started in 1994.

Both organisations hold other professional tournaments. The BDO organise the World Masters and many Open tournaments. They also organise county darts for their 66 county members in the UK including individual and team events.

The PDC's major tournaments are the World Championship, Premier League, UK Open, World Matchplay, World Grand Prix and the Grand Slam of Darts. All of these are broadcast live on Sky Sports television in the UK. They also hold PDC Pro Tour events and smaller category events around the UK.

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