Established as either a team or an individual sport competition, swimming involves propelling oneself through water. The act of swimming is for recreation, exercise, competition and survival. Swimming styles include freestyle, breaststroke (looks like 'frogstyle') , butterfly stroke, backstroke, sidestroke, dolphin, downproofing, and trapping water. In the Little Red Dot, the Singapore Swimming Association is set up to engage the aquatics community in Singapore. Joseph Schooling is one of the latest swimming sensation, and he has does Team Singapore proud. He broke the 2016 Olympics 100m swimming record with the nation holding its breath!

Learning to swim can start as young as infants, but most swimming schools will accept children from the age of 5 years old. APS Swim School, a swimming school set up by Ang Peng Siong, an ex-National swimmer, indirectly set the benchmark for all other swimming schools.

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