Founded by William G. Morgan, a YMCA physical education director in the US, volleyball is team sport which two teams (with six players each) are separated by a net during volleyball games. The objective of volleyball is to ‘rally’ the ball to the opposing team’s side of the floor (even if it’s a free ball). Players can serve, pass, jump, or attack to prevent the ball from landing within the team’s side. According to most volleyball rules, players need to block the ball from touching the floor at all costs. There are 2 types of volleyballs - indoor volleyball and beach volleyball. There are 4 main differences - weight of ball, court sizes, players per side and the scoring system.

The FIVB World Ranking is a ranking system for men's and women's national teams in volleyball. As of August, 2016 the top 3 teams in men's category are, world's no. 1 Brazil, no. 2 Poland and United States and in women's category are as follows, world's no. 1 China, no.2 United States, no. 3 Serbia.

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