Eye Specialists should not be confused with Opticians, the latter being someone helping you with myopia (short-sightedness) and far-sighted problems. An eye specialist examines the eye ball and its internal structure to detect any deterioration in the eye to prevent serious eye problems from developing. Ever heard of retinal detachment, ‘worms’ (blood specs) in the eyes? These can only be detected and prevented if the eye specialists do a detailed eyeball health check. In fact, one should go for a eye health check every 6 months, just like dental check-up. Centres such as the New Optometry and Ocular Care Centre (NOOCC EYE CENTRE) offers in-depth eye check at a very affordable fees that cannot be found in an optician shop.

A detailed eye check by qualified eye specialists should be able to detect the following problems:

  • Eye Health and Refractive Problems
  • Functional Vision Problems
  • Perceptual Vision Problems
  • Vision Therapy
  • Others

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