Want to pursue a course that is currently not offered by any of the local polytechnics and universities in Singapore? Don’t fret; there are many private tertiary institutions governed by the Council of Private Education (CPE) in the Little Red Dot that you can enrol in―if you know where to look. This is definitely a good news to the junior college (JC) and ITE graduates too.

The CPE awards excellent private education institutions (PEIs) who are able to consistently maintain high standards in key areas of management and in the provision of education services with edutrust awards.

Tertiary schools offer a wide range of courses that can help you obtain a diploma, degree or higher qualifications at a fraction of the cost of studying overseas. Luckily, many private tertiaries in Singapore offer curricula similar to the institution’s country of origin and offer international certification, and some taught by the same teaching faculty staff as the parent campus.

When you’re part of the workforce, it is important to obtain a diploma or degree that is recognised in your country of work. The institution must be accredited by the government of the country where the institution is situated. SIM, Curtin Singapore and Kaplan Singapore are one of the few favourites of working professionals.

Having relevant skills is especially important with the ever-increasing official retirement age and the minimum Central Provident Fund (CPF) required to be set aside. With the increasing life expectancy, senior citizens are expected to live and work longer.

Soft skills are akin to lubricants that also smoothen the operations of the technical skills, ensuring a coherent and synchronised work performance. With soft skills like leadership and communication skills, you will be able to to lead with a stronger buy-in from your staff, and build relationships that are long-term and rewarding.

Technical skills are the specialised domain expertise you bring to an organisation. Possessing technical skills can give you a rewarding career, especially if it is in line with your intelligence and passion.

Many courses in the Workforce Development Agency (WDA) directory, GetCET.sg, Lifelong Learning Institutes and CET Centres adhere to the Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) framework. Many of these courses also offer Workfare Training Support (WTS) grant. Some of the courses can be offset with SkillsFuture Credits too.

In addition, there are part-time ITE courses, e-learning courses, diploma and degree courses you can find in the many private tertiaries in Singapore. Coursera and Udemy are popular online learning portals. Some of these adult learning courses award Professional Development Units (PDU) too.

Regardless of learning online or attending physical classes, there is always the right class for you to fit your learning needs and learning style. At actualyse.com, our comprehensive school directory with powerful filtering and shortlisting functions allow you to compare fees and view authentic reviews of the institutions to help you find the right one with ease.

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